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MESCA is the dream and vision of emergency chaplains that were looking for a local resource and connections. It was partly born out of the experience from the 35W Bridge Collapse of August 1st, 2007. As chaplains came from all over to serve there quickly was a realization that there needed to be more standardization of training and protocols. While the level of desire to effectively serve was high there was also a need for a standardization of protocols and techniques. The services provided to the emergency services personnel and civilians raised the bar locally and nationally for emergency services chaplains and to maintain that MESCA was created.

Vision Statement

The Minnesota Emergency Service Chaplain Association (MESCA) believes that community emergency service chaplaincy has a positive impact on the community, enhances the quality of life in the community, and recognizes the need for cooperation with the community it serves. Thus, the vision of the Minnesota Emergency Service Chaplain Association is to seek innovative ways to enhance this relationship, maximize resources, identify problems, and concerns in the community. In conjunction with the agencies and departments we serve, the emergency service chaplain and the MESCA desire to search for practical solutions to these problems and concerns. MESCA exists to establish an Emergency Service Chaplain Association that is multi-ethnic, religiously pluralistic service organization.


Diversity Statement

MESCA will endeavor to serve and assist the Minnesota Emergency Service Agencies and Departments of Minnesota, and the communities they serve regardless of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or familial status. As part of this collaborative service MESCA will:

  • Provide spiritual and practical guidance, counsel, advice, and support to all members of the agencies and departments it serves, both sworn and civilian, and their families in time of need.
  • Provide comfort, consolation, spiritual, and practical advice, and understanding to persons confronted with traumatic crisis or death as a result of a homicide, suicide, accident or other traumatic events. Giving victims and survivors appropriate information and putting them in contact with the proper agencies or organizations to assist and support them.
  • Act as a liaison between faith organizations and the agencies and departments. The function of this program will be to have emergency service chaplains serve as instruments of reconciliation with the public, hence benefiting the agencies and departments service area building positive and open relationships.
  • Develop a religiously, ethnically, and culturally diverse community of faith leaders to assist the MESCA Chaplains as a resource and service to the community as needed.
  • Recruit, train, mentor, and supervise community faith leaders to act as MESCA chaplains.
  • Interact with the community in whole in a constructive and compassionate manner in times of tragedy, conflict, and crisis by providing a service of presence, education, tolerance, understanding, healing, and hope.
  • Develop a basic training academy and certification standard for emergency service chaplains that are sensitive to the ever changing and increasingly diverse religious, ethnic, and multi-cultural communities we serve.

The Minnesota Emergency Service Chaplain Association and its members will endeavor to provide service to all who call for assistance as resources and time allow.