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Trauma Chaplains, it is more than just being available

I had an article passed onto me from a colleague that was recently in the Huffington Post, by a Rev. Emily C Heath "Wise as Serpents: Finding Trained Trauma Chaplains in the Wake of a Crisis." 

As I read the article the I found myself nodding my head in agreement with Rev. Heath. As emergency services chaplains and as an organization, this article explains one of the reasons that we exist. To provide training and support to those that go out and support others in crisis situations.

The article brings up two primary issues that have to be dealt with. First, the people reaching out for the help get hurt and not helped. Secondly it can create barriers with the professional staff from either local groups or national groups. 

If you are involved providing care for people in one of these situations, please do not hesitate to ask questions and make sure those that are involved are supposed to be there. Advocating for a level of skill and professionalism is something that will help provide for the immediate needs of those involved and also continues to build the expectations and respect for the role of chaplains in those situations, which in turn provides more openings for chaplains to serve.



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