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Possibility vs Probability

Are you a person that looks at the probability of a situation happening or do you think about all the possibilities of a situation. For an example as I pack my kid off to camp one way is to look of the probability of something negative happening versus what are the possibilities and how can I (or more realistically can I) plan for all of them to feel comfortable with the idea of sending him to camp?
Both are ways in trying to cope with uncertainty. Trying to balance what control we have versus what perceived control over the situation. In one the person has decided that they are going to deal with things that they think might happen or have a higher probability of taking place. They believe that it is more realistic to play the odds than try to keep up with all the scenarios. The possibility plan is trying to prepare for everything and have plans or at least an understanding of what steps are to be take to deal with the situation.
Which are you? Has it changed since you have become a chaplain or have you always been that way? As chaplains we tend to see more of the tragedy than others how does this affect our view or understanding of the world? How do we deal with that in the long term.
Let me know, add you comments to the discussion.


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