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How does a MESCA membership benefit myself and my department?

Being a member of MESCA benefits you by providing training opportunities and resources for you as a chaplain. For your department it gives them a consistent place to secure quality training, a support and resource center for you and a better chaplain.


Can anyone take a MESCA course?

Yes, anyone can take a MESCA course.


Do you have to be a certain faith or religion to be a MESCA member?

No you do not need to ascribe to a certain faith or religion. You must though meet the requirements by your specific department to be able to serve as a emergency services chaplain. Normally that is being endorsed by a faith community that is recognized by the state government.


Does MESCA promote any specific faith or political perspective?

No, MESCA does not promote any specific faith or political perspective. Our goal is to provide support, training and resources to Emergency Services Chaplains from all faiths who then provide care to the emergency services professionals and the communities they serve.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.