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As part of our training we require that you complete 4 basic NIMS classes. The purpose of NIMS is to create a standardized response to critical incident across the nation and emergency services. NIMS provides agreed upon terms, protocols and practices for the different agencies to understand and use in response to any situation. MESCA's desire is to equip our chaplains with those terms as well so when a critical incident happens we can integrate within the system. To complete the basic academy and be certified you must complete the following classes and provide the certifications to MESCA to confirm completion:

1. Introduction to the Incident Command System for Law Enforcement IS-100.LEb

2. ICS for a Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents IS-200.a

3. NIMS an Introduction IS-700.a

4. National Response Framework, An Introduction IS-800.B

When you complete the classes you receive an link to a pdf that you can forward to MESCA.